What are microheaters and for what type op applications are microheaters suitable?

What are microheaters?

Microheaters are the smallest mineral insulated heaters available. They are very bendable and supply heat with a quick response. The diameter of a heater can go as low as 1mm. Therefore, they are highly suitable when limited space is available.

What kind of microheaters are available?

Kamet offers various microheaters. Our standard microheaters are up to as small as 1.0 mm in diameter. Next to that, we offer customized heaters that can have even smaller diameters. Also, the sheath and conductor can be made out of various materials like Inconel 600, Alloy 825 or stainless steel.

For what type of applications are microheaters suitable?

Mineral insulated microheaters are suitable for a wide range of applications where high temperatures are needed and limited space is available. For example, microheaters are used in the semiconductor industry, aerospace industry and other high-tech industrial applications.