What are stainless steel tubes and what are their advantages?

What are seamless stainless steel tubes?

A seamless tube is a tube that does not have any welding seam due to the fact that it is extruded from a single piece of stainless steel. 

The absence of a welding seam makes this type of tube significantly stronger and better able to overcome various industrial stresses than welded varieties.

What are the advantages of seamless stainless steel tubes?

The welded seam of a tube is considered a weakened inhomogeneous part of the product.  The malleability and corrosion resistance of a seam is different to that of the rest of the tube. Dimensional variance is also a factor. A seamless tube eliminates any such issues since it is extruded from one piece of stainless steel and by definition homogeneous. Seamless tubes:

  • have superior corrosion resistance
  • are stronger than welded tubes
  • can withstand higher pressure

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