What is the difference between seamless tubes and welded tubes? And when to choose which?

What is the difference between seamless tubes and welded tubes?

Seamless tubes are extruded and drawn from a solid piece of Stainless Steel, such as INC600 or SS310 . Welded tubes are made by welding a seam along the length of a stainless steel strip to seal the two edges together and form a tube. The difference in manufacture leads to some distinct differences in properties:

Seamless TubesWelded Tubes
Can withstand high pressureMore consistent concentricity
More resistant to corrosionSusceptible to corrosion along the welded seam
Are more expensiveCheaper
Relatively shortCan be made into extremely long continuous tubes
Easier to make into heavy walled tubingMore suited to thinner walled applications
Higher purityMore susceptible to contamination due to the welding process

When should I choose seamless tubes over welded tubes?

If your application requires tubes that are highly resistant to corrosion and pressure, then a seamless tube is the better choice. If you have a limited budget and your application does not have any important safety restrictions, then a welded tube would be the better choice.

Kamet supplies both seamless and welded tubing in a variety of alloys and sizes. Please contact our expert advisors for guidance in the best option for you application.