What is the added value of using Pyrosil D® sheath material for mineral insulated (MI) cables type N and K?

A Pyrosil D® sheath allows MI cable to withstand extremely high temperatures: a maximum of 1250°C for continuous use. Furthermore Pyrosil D® offers stability and a long lifespan as is reflected in the following characteristics: 

  • excellent oxidation and nitridation resistance
  • outstanding mechanical strength: Pyrosil D® has a higher stress rupture strength than other heat resistant nickel based alloys
  • low drift for N and K type thermocouples
  • Pyrosil D® has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of the core rods in N type thermocouples. As such, there is very little differential expansion which is what usually results in conductor breakage.

We stock Type K and Type N MI cables with a Pyrosil D® sheath.