The CS-1100 CableStream

The 2023 launch of the CS-1100 Cablestream introduced a revolutionary approach to industrial temperature sensor production that takes process efficiency, accuracy and speed to a new level. This state-of-the-art machine is designed along with our in-house experts to automate the cutting and straightening of MI cables, resulting not only in cost-savings but also in better product quality. We are pleased to introduce you to the functions, advantages and technical aspects of this new product that is made by The Machines Factory, an innovative collaboration that Kamet is proud to be a part of.

Who will benefit from the CS-1100?

The CS-100 is the first machine to combine and automate a number of steps in the production of temperature sensors from MI cable. Companies involved in sensor production will recognise one of the major challenges that is associated with cutting and straightening MI cables: it requires highly skilled technicians in a very time consuming and labor-intensive process in order to produce high-quality products. The automated approach offered by the CS-100 brings about significant cost-savings in this regard, as well as a solution to the following common technical challenges:

  • A burr-free product requires a very specific cutting technique for the MgO insulation
  • Grinding through compact MgO calls for highly specialized cutting tools and techniques, and if done incorrectly causes premature wear on blades
  • Human error can affect the quality of the final product

The CS-1100 can straighten coiled MI cable, deliver burr-free cuts for a range of cable sizes at any specified length using highly accurate and consistent cutting techniques. In the upcoming sections we will look at its properties in more detail. F

Which features make the CS-1100 such an excellent cable cutting solution?

The CS-1100 uses a state-of-the art approach to straightening and cutting MI cable with unparalleled precision and consistency: 1mm tolerance on lengths >100 meters. Each cut piece of cable (of a chosen, customizable length) is exactly the same quality and size. We can guarantee the cut to be almost burr-free eliminating the extra work of removing rims. Features such as advanced software and sensors, a movement encoder, unique feeding and clamping systems and specialized cutting discs ensure this high degree of accuracy and excellent quality control. We will look at these in more detail in the technical section.

However there are other important aspects to this machine that will provide a more complete picture of what the CS-1100 has to offer your business.

1. User-friendly interface

The starting point of the CS-1100 is the high-resolution LCD touchscreen displaying the software interface through which the operator can easily maintain full control of the CS-1100. All parameters for a session are set-up here such as cutting length and speed or a processing queue. It allows the machine to be quickly started and stopped and provides a clear view to the current status of the machine as well as any cautions or alerts. The intuitive software and user-friendly design ensure that errors are avoided and new operators can quickly be trained.

2. Processing queue

The CS-1100 is designed to maintain a production queue, automatically moving from one job to the next. The queue can easily be accessed and edited via the touchscreen display. This queuing feature increases efficiency and reduces the need for any manual intervention between jobs.

3. Wide handling range

The handling range of the CS-1100 is extensive and includes cables with smaller diameters, ranging from OD 1.0mm to 8.0mm.

4. Malfunction alerts

Our software and sensors have been programmed to alert operators by flashing lights and on-screen warnings in the case of a malfunction. In this way it is easy to identify and address any problems. The option to save operating information in log files also provides a valuable reference for troubleshooting and maintenance.

5. Maintenance and spare parts

With normal wear and tear, some parts of the CS-1100 will need to be replaced regularly, for example the cutting discs and PTFE bushings. The Machines Factory has chosen a modular design for the CS–1100 which simplifies maintenance and part replacement. This modular system, combined with the instruction manuals, offers significant cost-savings: Whether it is discs, bushings or electronics that need replacing; your own operator can take care of most maintenance, avoiding the expense of technical support call-outs. Another saving is found in the fact that our software gives operators timely warning when parts need replacing, therefore minimizing the risk of poor performance, downtime or damage to the machine.

The CS-1100 comes with a 1-year warranty with extended warranty available as part of a service contract.

The ease of part replacement and the fact that orders are quickly fulfilled is one of the stand out features of the CS-1100 and of our company’s customer service approach. By contrast, other machines on the market have extremely long lead times and/or irreplaceable parts.

6. Safety features

Special safety sensors ensure that the machine cannot be operated unless the cover is closed.

The cutting blade is covered with a extraction unit consist. The extraction unit consist out of a 3D printed cover that is attached to a vacuum hose that comes out the backside of the machine and covers the cutting disk. This to prevent accidental cutting when opening the machine and to make sure no cutting dust of the MI cable is released into the air.

An onsite installation and training service can be purchased. This includes a full safety instruction for the machine operators.

7. Optional accessories

As a further service to our customers we have designed two optional accessories for the CS-1100 which can further maximize the workflow and productivity.

Firstly, the spool holder can be used to facilitate the ease with which the MI cable is pulled into the machine. The spool holder keeps the cable firmly in place without tangling or snarling it (as is the case with some other machines).

Secondly, the collector connects to the exit point of the machine and allows the cut lengths of MI cable to be neatly accumulated before being taken to the next stage in the assembly process.

Quality control through technical design

As mentioned before, the exceptional quality control and accuracy of the CS-1100 is achieved through its outstanding technical design features. We will highlight a few of these here:

Rotary straightener

In order to straighten the MI cable in an even and consistent way, it is spun at high speeds while under a uniform pressure. This process is accomplished through the use of a rotary straightener with PTFE bushings that ensure the cable rotates smoothly and evenly.

Feeding system

Two rubber timing belts apply a constant pressure to the MI cable ensuring it moves smoothly through the machine. The feeding system is exceptional in that it is able to compensate for any slippage that might occur during straightening and cutting. The movement encoder is the key feature which makes this possible. It calculates the exact line of movement of the MI cable by measuring the rotational movement of a wheel that the MI cable passes through, thereby calculating the exact cable length that has been fed through the machine. If it detects slippage then it can make the necessary adjustments to compensate. As such, each cut is made at precisely the correct point.

Cutting disc

The choice of cutting disc is of direct influence on the quality of the cut and we take a number of factors into consideration including the:

  • required finish of the product which determines which grain a disc should have (the grain is rather like sandpaper, it determines the smoothness of the finished surface of the cable after processing).
  • compounds used in the composition of the actual disc as these will determine how durable it is. We have the choice between an alumina oxide or silica carbon cutting disc, each with their own unique properties.
  • nature of the sheath and its potential for heat generation during cutting.

We offer a disc made of silica and carbon. This disk and its fine granularity allows for effective cutting.

The second disc is made of alumina oxide which allows a sharp, clean edge to quickly be generated. It has low resistance and very little heat generation which is usually a common issue when cutting through sheath materials such as AISI310, AISI316 or INC600. Its lifespan can be expected to be longest when used for cutting MI cables of thinner diameters.

Clamp system

The last technical aspect that contributes to our consistently clean and accurate cable cuts is our well designed clamping system. It is a 3D printed grip that holds the cable securely during the cutting process, thus preventing slippage and burrs. The clamp is fully adjustable making it a perfect fit for the full range of cable diameters that the CS-1100 is designed to process.

Kamet and Antech Solutions: The Machines Factory

The CS-1100 is the product of The Machines Factory, a joint collaboration between two Dutch companies: Kamet and Antech Solutions B.V.. Antech specializes in the research, development and prototyping of machines.


For more information, please visit our website at There you will also find an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

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