Nickel RTD cable

Temperature measurements up to 600°C.

Mineral insulated RTD cable with Nickel conductors is a perfect choice for temperature measurements up to 600°C. Due to its higher annealing temperature, RTD cable with nickel conductors can be used at much higher temperatures. Furthermore, the material can withstand hazardous conditions. These cables are available in the following sheath materials;

Sheath materialMax. working temperature Melting temperature
Inconel 6001175°C1345°C
AISI 304900°C1400°C

Read more about the common sheath material used for mineral insulated cable.

In short:

  • available in diameters ranging from 1.0mm to 8.0mm
  • available in normal spaced and wide-spaced execution
  • available with 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 conductors
  • supplied with a material 3.1 certificate
  • made in Japan, with Japanese and European sourced materials

For the complete range of standard stock and custom made Copper RTD cable possibilities, visit our overview page. On this page you will also find estimated coil lengths and delivery times.

AerOpak MI RTD cable specs – Type A cable – Reversed mounted

OD (mm)Tolerance  (mm) Wall thickness  (mm) Conductor diameter  (mm) Distance between wires  (mm) Resistance (Ω/m) m/Coil
9.00+/- 0.050.900.903.100.5020
8.00+/- 0.050.800.802.700.5025
6.40+/- 0.050.640.642.200.5039
6.00+/- 0.050.600.552.080.5045
4.80+/- 0.050.480.481.700.7070
4.50+/- 0.050.450.401.650.7080
3.20+/- 0.050.320.321.001.40159
3.00+/- 0.050.300.261.001.40181

AerOpak MI RTD cable specs – Type J cable – Top mounted

OD (mm) Tolerance  (mm) Wall thickness  (mm) Conductor diameter  (mm) Distance between wires  (mm) Resistance (Ω/m) m/Coil
9.00+/- 0.050.901.350.700.2040
8.00+/- 0.050.801.200.130.2551
6.40+/- 0.050.640.960.160.3580
6.00+/- 0.050.600.900.200.4291
4.80+/- 0.050.480.740.280.65142
4.50+/- 0.050.450.670.350.75162
3.20+/- 0.050.320.480.501.47166
3.00+/- 0.050.300.450.601.70189

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