Overview of Mineral insulated RTD cables Kamet Trading can supply

Standard stock items

The items listed below are standard stock items. These MI cables are available in a standard range of outside diameter sizes. Please consult our MI Cable brochure for these sizes in millimeter and inch.

Sheath materialOD’s on stock (mm)RTD type possiblePairsSpacing
AISI316ODs between 1.00 – 8.00Copper, Nickel, Constantan2,3,4,6,8Normal, wide
AISI321ODs between 1.00 – 6.00Copper, Nickel2,3,4,6,8Normal

Non standard stock items – supplied on request

Due to our network of world wide manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of MI RTD cable with special sheath materials in combination with non conventional sizes and RTD wires. Get in contact to request a quote for a special MI Cable.

Please be aware that desired cable, sheath and/or wire combinations do not always apply, due to specific cable and/or wire characteristics. Contact us for the best solution in material combination and sizing for your project.


Sheath materialMin OD (mm)Max OD (mm)RTD type possibleHeavy wall possibleNominal percentage (%)*
AISI3041.0012.70Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%
AISI3101.0012.70Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%
AISI3161.0012.70Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%
AISI316L1.0012.70Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%
AISI316Ti3.0012.70Copper, Nickel, Constantan
AISI3211.0012.70Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%
AISI3471.6012.70Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%

Discover more about the different sheath materials.

Inconel MI RTD Cable 

Sheath materialMin OD (mm)Max OD (mm)RTD type possibleHeavy wall possibleNominal percentage (%)*
Inconel 6001.009.53Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%
Inconel 6013.0012.70Copper, Nickel, Constantan
Inconel 617
Inconel 6253.006.35Copper, Nickel
Inconel 800HT3.009.53Copper, Nickel, Constantan
Inconel 8003.009.53Copper, Nickel, ConstantanYes24%
Inconel 8253.009.53Copper, Nickel

Other special sheath materials

Sheath materialMin OD (mm)Max OD (mm)RTD type possibleHeavy wall possibleNominal percentage (%)
Hastelloy C2761.5012.70Nickel, Constantan
Monel (Monel 400 with I600 inner liner)3.206.35Nickel, Constantan
Titanium4.786.35Nickel, Constantan

Delivery time

Cables in stock can be shipped out the same day or the day that is determined as customer specific delivery date. For non standard stock items, delivery times may vary. An rough estimate is between 10 to 18 weeks. Please be informed that delivery time on order confirmation is leading.

Coil length and smaller pieces

The coil length of an MI cable varies depending on the outside diameter and the type of sheath material used. For an efficient solution to automatically cut MI cable coils into smaller pieces, discover the CableStream CS-1100. This cutting and straightening machine is specially designed for MI TC and RTD cables.

Get in contact

For more information about a specific cable or to request a quotation. Please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

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