Seamless Tubes

The seamless tubes are polished and annealed and produced according to ISO/EN standards.

Seamless tubes are extruded and drawn out of one piece of steel without any welding. The absence of a welded seam makes them significantly stronger than welded tubes. Kamet provides a variety of seamless stainless steel tubes as a protective housing for RTD’s and thermocouples. The tubing is available in a choice of alloys depending on the particular industrial application and includes a range for high-temperature applications. Generally speaking, seamless tubes are the preferred choice for applications which require the highest safety standards.

Types of seamless tubing and their applications

The specific type of alloy used for  seamless stainless steel tubes  determines for which applications it is most suited. Kamet’s seamless stainless steel tubing is available in three austenitic chromium-nickel alloys;

  • SS310 (material number: 1.4841/1.4845)
  • SS316 (material number: 1.4401/1.4404)
  • INC600 (material number: 2.4816)

Stainless steel 310(SS310 – material number: 1.4841/1.4845)

SS310 is one of the most widely used heat resistant grades of stainless steel which also retains good strength at sub-zero temperatures. Furthermore, the high chromium content combined with a medium nickel content provides excellent resistance to various sorts of high temperature corrosion including oxidation and sulfidation. The maximum (dry air) operating temperature is 1100ºC.

Seamless tubes of this type can be found in food processing, furnace components and burner tips.

Stainless steel 316L (SS316L – material number: 1.4401/1.4404)

SS316  is the second most commonly used commercial grade of stainless steel. A unique  characteristic of SS316 is that it  maintains excellent corrosion resistance, not only in normal atmospheric conditions but also in saltwater environments and industries where there is the hazard of chlorination. Like most austenitic stainless steel, it performs well at sub-zero temperatures too.  With a maximum temperature tolerance of 900ºC, seamless tubes of this type are  less suited to high temperature environments.  Initially developed for use in paper mills, SS316 is now also found in food processing, oil, gas, petrochemicals and construction industries.

Inconel600 (INC600 – material number: 2.4816)

INC600  is a versatile alloy for industries where resistance to corrosion and heat is required. The combination of strength and excellent workability make it a popular choice in environments ranging from cryogenic to 1175°C. It is also virtually immune to chloride ion cracking.

INC600 seamless tubes are the most commonly used high temperature sheath material. However,  INC600 is versatile as reflected by its range of applications, with seamless tubing of this type being found in heat, chemical and electronic industries as well as for components which require good heat resistance.

Kamet’s seamless tubes

Our range of stainless steel tubes are designed for use as sheath material for sensors. The seamless tubes are polished and annealed and  produced according to ISO/EN standards.

Inc600SS310 SS316L
Recommended Max temperature± 1200°C975°C-1175°C± 880°C
Melting temperature1400°C± 1454°C1375-1400°C
StandardsASTM B163/ ASME SB163, ASTM B516/ ASME SB516ASTM A312 / UNS S31000ASTM A240/ ASME SA 240 / AMS 5524/5507
Material code2.48161.48101.4401/1.4404
Test certificatesManufacturer Test Certificate
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab.
Under Third Party Inspection
Manufacturer Test Certificate
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab.
Under Third Party Inspection
Manufacturer Test Certificate
Laboratory Test Certificate from Govt. Approved Lab.
Under Third Party Inspection
Chemical compositionNi 72% – Cr 14-17% Fe 6.0% C0.15% Mn 1.0% S 0.015% Si 0.5%
Common dimensions we supply12-36mm OD12-22mm OD3-22mm OD
BenefitsExcellent oxidation and corrosion resistance at high temperature.General purpose stainless steel.
Superior corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures
General purpose stainless steel.
Superior corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures
Application examplesOil Tube, Gas Tube, Fluid Tube, Boiler Tube, Heat exchanger Tube, thermowellsKilns, heat exchangers, radiant tubes, steam boilkers, furnace parts, thermowellsHigh pressure tube, Fluid tube, Boiler tube, food processing

Our seamless stainless steel tubes can also be supplied in other diameters upon request. They are delivered in straight  lengths which we can cut to the required size.

If you would like more information on seamless tubes  please have a look at the FAQ  in our knowledge base. Kamet is specialised in the use of seamless tubing as sheath material for RTD’s.

Kamet quality and service

Our seamless stainless steel tubing is sourced from suppliers that meet the highest quality standards  and conduct regular inspections. We also ensure full material traceability and ensure that current European standards are accordance with ISO/EN.

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