Overview of Mineral insulated thermocouple cables Kamet Trading can supply

Standard stock items

The items listed below are standard stock items. These MI cables are available in a standard range of outside diameter sizes. Please consult our MI Cable brochure for these sizes in millimeter and inch.

Sheath materialOD’s on stockTC type possible (type)Cable to IEC61515*
AISI310ODs between 1.50 – 8.00K, N, EYes
AISI316(L)ODs between 0.50 – 8.00K, N, E, J, TYes
AISI321ODs between 1.00 – 8.00K, JYes
Inconel 600ODs between 0.50 – 8.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes
Pyrosil D/Alloy TD3.00 and 4.50KYes
*Upon request, we offer calibration services up to 1100Ā°C for Okazaki type K and N mineral insulated cable. This specialized calibration, complete with a certification, is available exclusively for custom cable requests.

On this page we explain all common used sheath materials and their advantages compared to other sheath materials for MI cable.

Non standard stock items – supplied on request

Due to our network of world wide manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of MI cable with special sheath materials in combination with non conventional sizes and thermoucouple wires. Get in contact to request a quote for a special MI Cable.

Please be aware that desired cable, sheath and/or wire combinations do not always apply, due to specific cable and/or wire characteristics. Contact Kamet Trading for the best solution in material combination and sizing for your project.

AISI  MI TC Cable 

Min OD (mm)Max OD (mm)TC type possible (type)Heavy wall possible*Nominal percentage (%)**
AISI3040.5019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
AISI3100.5019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
AISI3160.5019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
AISI316L0.5019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
AISI3210.5019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
AISI3470.8019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
AISI4461.5019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%

Inconel MI TC Cable 

Min OD (mm)Max OD (mm)TC type possible (type)Heavy wall possible*Nominal percentage (%)**
Inconel 6000.5019.00K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
Inconel 6010.8112.70K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
Inconel 6251.0012.70K, N, EYes+/- 24%
Inconel 7181.603.20K
Inconel 800HT3.0012.70K, N, J, EYes+/- 24%
Inconel 8001.5012.70K, N, J, E, T, B, R, SYes+/- 24%
Inconel 8251.6012.70K, N, J, EYes+/- 24%
Inconel X-7501.606.35K, N, J, E

Platinum MI TC Cable

Min OD (mm)Max OD (mm)TC type possible (type)Heavy wall possible*Nominal percentage (%)**
Pt10%Rh1.004.78K, J, B, R, S
Pt20%Rh1.004.78K, J, B, R, S

Other special sheath materials

Min OD (mm)Max OD (mm)TC type possible (type)Heavy wall possible*Nominal percentage (%)**
Hastelloy-X***1.0012.70K, N, J, E, T, B, R, S  
Hastelloy C276***1.0012.70 
Haynes 1881.604.78K
Haynes 2243.206.35K
Haynes 2301.604.78 
Monel (Monel 400 with I600 inner liner)1.009.52K, N, J, E, T
Molybdenum (free-standing only)1.606.35K, N, J, E, T, B, R, S, C
Tantalum1.006.35K, N, J, E, B, R, S, C
Titanium1.006.35K, N, J, E, T, B, R, S
Pyrosil D/Alloy TD1.6012.70K, N Yes+/- 24%
HR160 (with I600 inner liner)3.0012.70K, N
Copper1.604.78K, N, J, E, T
Nickel 200/201/2051.506.35K, N, J 
*The TC wires will be thinner with the heavy wall design. If thicker wires than normal are needed, this will be a case by case quotation.
** Percentages may vary due to availabilty of starting tube lenghts. 
***In regards to the Hastelloy-X and Hastelloy-C, we can offer dual wall and each item will vary.

Class of tolerance

The importance of industry standards is, that it ensures traceability and constant quality of products. The following industry standards are defined; IEC 60584-1 class 1, IEC 60584-1 class 2, IEC 60584-1 class 3, ASTM E230, ASTM E230 special limits and ‘class 1 on best effort basis’. Not all types of cable can be produced according to a certain type of class. Please contact us to get informed according to which norm, your specific cable is supplied. 

Delivery time

Cables in stock can be shipped out the same day or the day that is determined as customer specific delivery date. For non standard stock items, delivery times may vary. Below you find a rough estimate of delivery times for non stock items. Please be informed that delivery time on order confirmation is leading.

MI TC cable 18 weeks 
MI cable with platinum wire 6 weeks 
MI cable with platinum sheath material 4-5 weeks 
MI cable with Pyrosil material 6-7 weeks 

Coil length

The coil length varies per outside diameter and used sheath material. Below you find an indication for the length in meters.

Outside diameter (mm)Outside diameter (inch)Length in meter for sheath materials:
AISI304 | Inconel 600 | Inconel 601 | AISI316(L) | AISI321
Length in meter for sheath material:

Get in contact

For more information about a specific cable or to request a quotation. Please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

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