Type N thermocouple wire, NiCrSil-NiSil

Type N, NiCrSil-NiSil thermocouple is a very common thermocouple junction. Type N, NiCrSil-NiSil shares the same accuracy and temperature range as the type K, NiCr-Ni, but type N is more stable. The temperature range of type N, NiCrSil-NiSil thermocouples is -270°C to +1260°C.

In short:

  • available in diameters ranging from 0.20 mm to 3.20 mm
  • provided in IEC 60584 Class 1
  • supplied with an 3.1 certificate and a calibration certificate
  • produced in EU with EU sourced materials
  • an excellent choice for inert and oxidizing environments of 1000-1200°C
  • should not be used in sulfurous environments

Type N thermocouple wire

NiCrSi-NiSi thermocouples are suitable for use in oxidizing atmospheres, inert gas atmospheres, or dry reduction atmospheres up to 1200°C (ASTM E230: 1260°C). They require protection from sulphurous atmospheres but are known for their accuracy at high temperatures. The source voltage (EMF) and temperature range are nearly identical to Type K, making them ideal for applications requiring longer service life and greater stability. The Type N thermocouple demonstrates better repeatability between 300°C to 500°C compared to Type K.

Type N still offers superior oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures and a longer service life, especially in environments with sulfur presence, in comparison to Type K. These advantages make it particularly useful in the aerospace, nuclear, and semiconductor industries.

Type N thermocouples are furtermore widely used in various industrial applications, including temperature profiling in ovens, furnaces, and kilns, measuring the temperature of gas turbine and engine exhausts, and monitoring temperatures in the production and smelting processes within the steel, iron, and aluminum industries.

Common applications for Type N thermocouple wire

Thermocouple type N is versatile and reliable, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications, including high-temperature environments and processes requiring stable and accurate temperature measurements. Some examples of industries that utilize type N thermocouple wire include:

Our standard type N wire items

ThermocoupleClassOutside Diameter in mmOn Stock
Type N wireClass 10.50 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type N wireClass 10.80 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type N wireClass 11.00 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type N wireClass 11.30 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type N wireClass 12.00 mmYesSend inquiry
Type N wireClass 13.00 mmYesSend inquiry
Type N wireClass 13.20 mmYesSend inquiry
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