Type E thermocouple wire, NiCr-CuNi

Type E, NiCr-CuNi thermocouple is a high-accuracy thermocouple for a moderate temperature range. In general, it has a smaller temperature range compared to other thermocouple junctions: -270°C to +900°C. Type E thermocouples are distinguished for their high Electromotive Force (EMF) output per degree, making them the most efficient among all standard thermocouples for applications that demand high EMF output.

They exhibit excellent resistance to oxidation within an operating temperature range of 150°C to 870°C, making them ideal for use in thermal-generators or thermopiles, where they accurately measure very small temperature differences.

These thermocouples are well-suited for cryogenic applications due to their high output of 68μV/°C and are non-magnetic. They provide a broad operational temperature range from -50°C to +740°C and a narrower range from -110°C to +140°C.

In short:

  • available in diameters ranging from 0.80 mm to 3.90 mm
  • provided in IEC 60584 Class 1
  • supplied with a 3.1 certificate and a calibration certificate
  • produced in EU with EU sourced materials
  • a good choice for oxidizing, reducing or inert environments
  • not recommended to use unprotected in sulphurous atmospheres above 538 °C

Our standard type E wire items

ThermocoupleClassOutside Diameter in mmOn Stock
Type E wireClass 10.30 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type E wireClass 10.50 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type E wireClass 10.80 mmYesSend inquiry
Type E wireClass 11.00 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type E wireClass 11.50 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type E wireClass 12.00 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type E wireClass 13.00 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
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Please contact us if you need different diameters. We can supply more custom made diameters (combinations) then stated above.

Operating temperature

Please note that the data below are given as indicative values. Approximate working temperature range:

  • Continues: 0 to +800ºC
  • Short term: -40 to +900ºC

Chemical composition

EP ( + )9010
EN (-)44                 55

Physical properties

Density (g/cm3)8.738.90
Melting point (°C)14301210
Temp. coef. of resistance (x10-6/°C)30066
Linear expansion (coef. x10-6/°C)1714
Thermal Conductivity (W m-1 °C-1 at 20°C)12.9021.20

Environmental and industrial usage

  • Suitable for sub-zero, oxidizing, and inert applications
  • Not suitable for vacuum or low oxygen applications
  • Inappropriate for use in sulfuric environments
  • Non-magnetic nature makes it suitable for applications where magnetic fields are generated.
  • Commonly used in the aerospace industry due to its fast response and used for measuring gas temperature in flow chambers.

Couple EP/EN EMF reference table (mV)


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