Type T thermocouple wire, Cu-CuNi

The type T Cu-CuNi thermocouple is known for its stability and is particularly well-suited for cryogenic applications. It has a specified temperature range of -270°C to +370°C, making it ideal for use in extremely low temperatures, such as in cryogenics or ultra-low freezers, as well as various laboratory environments.

This thermocouple can operate effectively in temperatures below 0°C up to an upper limit of 370°C. Its composition allows it to be used in oxidizing, reducing, or inert gas atmospheres, and it does not corrode in moist atmospheres.

In short:

  • available in diameters ranging from 0.30 mm to 3.50 mm
  • provided in IEC 60584 Class 1
  • supplied with an 3.1 certificate and a calibration certificate
  • produced in EU with EU sourced materials
  • an excellent choice for inert and oxidizing cryogenic environments of -270°C to +370°C
  • often used in the food processing industry, ultra-low freezers and laboratory environments

Our standard type T wire items

ThermocoupleClassOutside Diameter in mmOn Stock
Type T wireClass 10.30 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type T wireClass 10.50 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type T wireClass 10.80 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type T wireClass 11.00 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type T wireClass 11.50 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type T wireClass 12.00 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Type T wireClass 13.00 mm5 week delivery timeSend inquiry
Delivery times stated are for delivery to Kamet’s warehouse

Please contact us if you need different diameters. We can supply more custom made diameters (combinations) than stated above.

Operating temperature 

Please note that these ranges are given as indicative values and vary per diameter.

  • Continuous operating temperature: up to 370ºC
  • Short term use: up to 400ºC

Chemical composition

TP ( + )100
TN (-)5545

Physical properties

Density (g/cm3)98.9
Melting point (°C)10841220
Resistivity at 20°C (μΩ.m0.0180.5
Tensile Strength(Soft annealed condition in 20°C)(Mpa)> 190>390
Elongation (Soft annealed condition in 20°C) (%)>20>25
Thermal Conductivity (W m-1 °C-1 at 20°C)66.221.2

Environmental and industrial usage

The type T thermocouple is versatile, functioning well in oxidizing, reducing, or inert gas atmospheres. However, it requires protection from contamination to prevent embrittlement, making it a reliable yet delicate tool for precise temperature measurements.

It is particularly stable at low temperatures, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications in low and cryogenic temperatures, with an operating range of -200°C to 370°C, and capability down to -269°C.

Widely used in the food industry due to its high accuracy and good performance in moist environments without oxidizing.

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