Supplied with 3.1 and calibration certificates

Type B mineral insulated thermocouple cable

The temperature range of a Type B thermocouple is approximately 600°C to 1700°C. However, they are known to provide more stable and accurate readings at temperatures above 1000°C, making them particularly suitable for very high-temperature applications.

Our standard cable items

For the complete range of type B MI cable possibilities, visit our overview page. You can find more information about the typical sheath materials used for mineral-insulated cables here.

Thermocouple Sheath material MgO Insulation Class Outside Diameters Availability
Type B Inconel 600 +99.4% High purity IEC Class 1 best effort 1.00 mm to 6.00 mm 16 week delivery time Send inquiry
Type B Pt10%Rh +99.4% High purity IEC Class 1 1.00 mm to 6.00 mm 7 week delivery time Send inquiry

Delivery times stated are for delivery to Kamet’s warehouse

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High quality platinum MI cable

  • Available with common sheath materials such as AISI 310, Inconel 600, or platinum sheath material
  • Available in IEC Class, IEC Class 1 best effort, or ASTM E230 special limits
  • Comes with a 3.1 certificate and a calibration certificate
  • All raw materials used are sourced from Europe, America, or Japan
  • Delivered as coils; straight lengths can be ordered, which will have a bow or curvature
  • Can be bent around a mandrel with a radius equal to twice the sheath diameter without rupturing the sheath or losing insulation resistance
Thermocouple mineral insulated cable in coils

Type B thermocouple cable via Kamet

  • We offer high-quality European or American made MI cable, with prices based on daily rates of platinum and rhodium.
  • For non-stock items, delivery ranges from 7 to 16 weeks.
  • As international delivery experts, we operate in Europe and the Middle East.
  • As a customer, you have 24/7 access to our stock and prices through our digital portal.
  • Additionally, a multilingual team is always available to assist you with any questions about standard or custom solutions.
About Kamet temperature solutions
Warehouse cart full of mineral insulated RTD cables

About Type B thermocouple

Type B thermocouples stand out for their resistance to degradation and drift, particularly at extremely high temperatures, compared to other noble metal thermocouples like Types R and S. Their resilience makes them a preferred choice in industries that operate at very high temperatures, such as the furnace industry for temperature monitoring and control, as well as in the glass, steel, and ceramics industries where precise and reliable temperature measurements are essential.

Discover more about temperature measurement in different environments.

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