Type R thermocouple cable, Pt13%Rh-Pt

Thermocouple cable Type R is a thermocouple junction particularly used at high temperatures. Type R, Pt13%Rh-Pt shares almost the same characteristics as type S (Pt10%Rh-Pt), but type R has roughly 12% higher Seebeck coefficient than type S over much of the temperature range. The temperature range of type R, Pt10%Rh-Pt thermocouples is -50°C ..+1480°C.

Okazaki mineral insulated thermocouple cable type R

  • is available in diameters ranging from 1.0mm to 6.0mm
  • is available in sheath materials: AISI 310(s) (1.4841/1.4845), Inconel 600 (2.4816), Pt10%Rh and Pt20%Rh.
  • is available in ASTM E230 special limits on best effort basis
  • is supplied in accordance with IEC 61515
  • is supplied with a 3.1 certificate and a calibration certificate

Wire types and tolerances Type R thermocouple

Wire type type R
-leg  Pt
+leg  13%Rh/Pt
Working temperature range (0C)continuous  200-1500
intermittent 200-1650
MIMS form 200-1300
ITS-90 tolerancesstandard limits  +/-0.25%
special limits +/-0.1%
IEC 584-2 tolerancesclass 1 0 to +1100: ±1°C+1100 to +1600: ±(1°C+0.003*(t°C-1100°C))°C
class 2 0 to +600: ±1.5°C+600 to +1600: ±0.25%

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